Position: Assistant Chef

The Assistant Chef works as a member of the galley team under the direction and supervision of the Chef to help prepare meals and keep the galley and food storage areas clean. Most crewmembers help to some degree with dish washing, but the Assistant Chef takes a leading role in this duty, as well as all other cleaning/sanitizing jobs in the galley. Under direction of the Chef, the Assistant Chef is responsible for preparing and baking fresh breads and pastries, and may be assigned a variety of other responsibilities such as developing menus or even creating main courses, depending upon experience and skill. TBC’s philosophy is that the entire crew compliment works together as a team to accomplish the task of maintaining a safe, efficient and enjoyable workplace, and therefore NO CREWMEMBER IS ABOVE ANY WORK NEEDING TO BE DONE TO MEET THIS OVERALL GOAL.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Chef to coordinate and carry out the preparation of all meals (i.e., breakfast, lunch, and dinner – including appetizers desserts and occasional hot snacks.)
  • Typically, the Assistant Chef is responsible for early morning preparation of breakfast pastries such as coffee cakes or muffins, but such assignments vary, and are entirely at the Chef’s discretion.
  • Help the Chef prepare meals using a variety of normal kitchen tools, as well as galley appliances such as food processors, mixers, blenders, ovens, ranges and grills.
  • Help plate meals for guests and, on occasion, help arrange sack lunches for guests planning extended outings.
  • Ensure healthful foods are available for crew during turnaround times in port.
  • Rinse and clean dishes, pots, pans and utensils. Store in cupboards, drawers and bins. Help maintain all cooking items and service items in orderly and absolutely sanitary condition according to good health-keeping practices, government regulations and TBC standards.
  • Regularly clean and sanitize galley walls, range hood, overheads, cabinet faces, reefer and freezer interiors, and cabinet interiors.
  • At least once per day clean and sanitize galley work surfaces, reach-in cooler doors, range surfaces and galley floor. Launder dish-drying cloths and aprons. Ensure cleaning materials are stocked.
  • Whenever necessary, assist Stewards with bussing and cleaning dining area after meals.
  • Upon direction from supervisor or Captain, undertake other duties such as cleaning/storing sport caught fish, handling lines or fenders upon entering or leaving port, assisting with greeting or sending-off guests, helping with luggage, etc.

Minimum requirements:

  • US Citizen, US National or valid Green Card holder. No exceptions!
  • Must pass pre-employment drug screen, reference checks and background check.
  • Minimum of one year restaurant/hotel or banquet cooking experience in position of responsibility such as prep cook, line cook, or Sous chef. Knowledge of gourmet foods and specialty dishes preferred, and experience in baking a must.
  • Must be team-spirited, and capable of living and working in close-quarters for long periods of time with other crew members.
  • Must have sufficiently acute hearing, eyesight and depth perception to meet the demands of at-sea service. Must be capable of using escape hatches and boarding /disembarking survival craft unassisted.
  • Must be available for entire season of operation from mid-April thru mid-September, commencing and completing the term of employment in the Puget Sound area of Washington State.

Desired Skills/Abilities:

  • Outgoing and friendly demeanor, able to engage and communicate easily with passengers and crew. The galley is often considered the heart of a vessel because a well-fed crew tends toward being a happy crew. Assistant Chef should work with the Chef in striving to create a galley atmosphere and attitude toward other crew members that contributes positively to crew morale.
  • Previous experience in the maritime industry, especially passenger vessel service, is beneficial.

The Boat Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.