Position: Assistant Steward

The Assistant Steward works under the supervision and direction of the Steward and helps to make sure that passengers are served and well cared for at all time while on board. TBC’s philosophy is that the entire crew compliment works together as a team to accomplish the task of maintaining a safe, efficient and enjoyable workplace, and therefore NO CREWMEMBER IS ABOVE ANY WORK NEEDING TO BE DONE TO MEET THIS OVERALL GOAL.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Monitor guest consumption of cocktail snacks, bar supplies, coffees, teas, sodas, mixers, etc., and restock supplies as necessary.
  • Help serve appetizers and work closely with the Steward and galley crew to ensure high-quality meal presentations.
  • Assist with dining room set-up, meal service and bussing. Sweep fantail dining area floor daily and keep dining and buffet tables clean and well-organized at all times.
  • Help with dish washing and galley cleaning chores, and assist with the removal of food refuse, glass and other kitchen waste to dumpster on deck.
  • Help pull wine and liquor from stores as needed, and help maintain orderliness in storeroom.
  • When necessary, assist with preparation of sack lunches for guests and guides, and work with the Chef to ensure bottled water, coffee thermoses, or other beverages and foods are offered and available for guest use during fishing or shore excursions.
  • Maintain stocks of toiletries, towels, bed linens, blankets, and all other supplies for guest cabins.
  • Clean guest cabins daily during cruises by tidying-up, vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms.
  • Maintain orderliness and cleanliness in all public areas, paying attention to details such as clean windows, empty trash containers, vacuumed carpets, well-tended plants and fresh flower arrangements.
  • Ensure laundry areas are kept clean and orderly. Maintain supplies of detergents, window cleaners, spot removers, deodorizers and all other interior-area cleaning agents and supplies.
  • Upon direction from supervisor or Captain, undertake other duties such as cleaning/storing sport caught fish, handling lines or fenders upon entering or leaving port, assisting with greeting or sending-off guests, helping with luggage, etc.

Minimum requirements:

  • US Citizen, US National or valid Green Card holder. No exceptions!
  • Must pass pre-employment drug screen, reference checks and background check.
  • Prior hotel, restaurant or cruise ship experience. Must be congenial, energetic and accustomed to dealing with the public.
  • Must be team-spirited, and capable of living and working in close-quarters for long periods of time with other crew members.
  • Must have sufficiently acute hearing, eyesight and depth perception to meet the demands of at-sea service. Must be capable of using escape hatches and boarding /disembarking survival craft unassisted.
  • Must be available for entire season of operation from mid-April thru mid-September, commencing and completing the term of employment in the Puget Sound area of Washington State.
    Desired Skills/Abilities:
  • Previous experience in the maritime industry, especially passenger vessel service, is beneficial.

The Boat Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.