The Observer


The Observer Spring 2016

In honor of our roots, we have named our newsletter after our very first vessel, the M/V OBSERVER, a special boat that was launched in 1980 and took us between Wrangell, Juneau and Sitka on trips ranging from 7 to 10 days. Over the years, we modified our trips based on environmental needs or focuses (where the conservation battles were) and what we felt our guests might be interested in. Our early focus was heavily on land/wilderness conservation; and in the past decade there has been a shift to the oceans and major fisheries issues. At the end of the day, they truly become one and the same. The circle of life does not delineate between the two, but embraces them both as one – a concept we hope to truly share with you through The M/V Observer – CRUISING AND CONSERVATION IN SOUTHEAST ALASKA, published by The Boat Company.

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