What’s an Eco Cruise?

Alaskan bear in native habitat

Sustainable eco tourism means striving to impact the environment as little as possible.

The Boat Company: A New Standard of Sustainable Tourism – The Alaskan Eco-cruise

There’s a new school of thought in the world of cruising. It goes by several names, including eco-cruise, sustainable tourism or green travel. Sustainable eco-tourism means traveling to a location – usually to appreciate its natural beauty – while striving to impact that environment as little as possible. Sustainable tourism also seeks to educate the traveler about the area’s history and natural resources such as land, waterways and wildlife. Ideally, eco-tourism helps spread a message of responsible environmental stewardship and conservation.

One of the steps you can take to reduce your impact on the environment is to purchase NativeEnergy carbon offsets.  Visit our NativeEnergy Carbon Offset Program page.


Green Travel With The Boat Company

Today, more and more people are choosing to “travel green.”  And when they want to experience ancient forests, soaring mountains, glittering glaciers, natural beauty and abundant wildlife first-hand, Alaska delivers the trip of a lifetime.  Cruising the Inside Passage has been popular for decades, but the image of a giant, 3000-passenger cruise ship – while luxurious – hardly connotes environmental sensitivity.  At the other end of the spectrum are many small (6-passenger) vessels for hire. While they certainly make a smaller environmental impact, their services and amenities can also be quite modest.


35 Years of Sustainable Alaskan Eco-Cruises

Kayaking in the early morning mist

Kayaking in the early morning mist

For over 35 years, The Boat Company has exemplified comfortable, sustainable Alaskan eco-cruises – even before the term ‘eco-tour’ was coined!  And we have done so while providing first-rate service and amenities to our guests.  Fine food and wines presented by our onboard chefs; comfortable, well-appointed cabins and a level of personal attention and camaraderie only a small boat cruise can provide are hallmarks of a Boat Company adventure.

The Boat Company’s commitment to guest comfort and satisfaction is equaled only by our commitment to conservation. Sustainable tourism means education and advocacy. It also means experiencing the environment up-close, coming away from a trip inspired by a greater appreciation of the Alaskan environment.

Every member of The Boat Company crew is chosen for their knowledgeable about Alaska and the Tongass ecosystem – its waters, mountains, forests, marshes, and wildlife.   On each off-boat excursion, our guides are eager to share that knowledge with you.

Small, environmentally conscious eco-cruises.  Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable crew. An unhurried atmosphere of service and comfort. These are the elements of a truly unique Alaskan eco-cruise experience. That’s what The Boat Company has been doing for over 35 years, and we invite you to come aboard!

To schedule your Boat Company eco-cruise, or to receive more information, please visit The Boat Company’s Contact page.