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2016 Conservation Report – Our Alaska Conservation Program

2016 Boat Company Conservation Report

TBC is currently taking action on numerous issues affecting the region, all of which fall into three general categories: forest conservation, wilderness protection, and fisheries management. Our priorities in 2016 are to: Significantly reduce the bycatch and waste of more than 9 million pounds of Pacific halibut and tens of thousands of individual King salmon that are killed and discarded…


Sitka Sound Science Center Provides Valuable Research and Hands-On Education

Sitka Sound Science Center

by Lisa Busch Executive Director, Sitka Sound Science Center The Sitka Sound Science Center in Sitka, Alaska has a story rich in history that reflects the very essence of what makes Alaska so special. The Sitka Sound Science Center is a nonprofit dedicated to improving scientific understandings through scientific research and science education. It is a popular tourist destination in large part…


Fly Fishing Steelhead: The Bad-Ass Ocean Trout

Anglers fly-fishing for steelhead

The Boat Company is honored to collaborate with Conservation Hawks to produce CHROME, a beautiful short film that explores steelhead fishing and the environmental threats to steelhead and salmon. In September, 2015, six intrepid anglers – Tom Rosenbauer, Kate Taylor, Dylan Tomine, Hannah Belford, Todd Tanner and Tim Romano – visited a remote North American steelhead river known for its…


Chimichurri Ivory King Salmon

Chimichurri ivory king salmon

from the Liseron Kitchen Our chefs are always looking for fresh, interesting ingredients to compliment the abundance of seafood we encounter on our trips in Alaska. This recipe highlights chimichurri, a green sauce originally from Argentina that is traditionally used for grilled meat. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS Four 6oz pieces of Salmon for Spice Rub for Salmon 1 TBS Brown Sugar 1 TBS…


An End to Bycatch in Unalaska Bay

Fly fishing on a Mist Cove trip

by Hunter McIntosh President, The Boat Company Commercial fishing trawlers are large vessels that annually catch millions of cod, pollock, mackerel and flounder in big nets towed astern. In the process of catching these target species, trawlers intercept a large number of “non-target” species, like halibut and salmon. They are prohibited from retaining and selling these fish, called bycatch, because of…


Tongass National Forest Protections Confirmed by U.S. Supreme Court

The Tongass National Forest

“My father, Michael McIntosh, spent the last 10 years fighting to protect the Tongass rainforest wildlands from damaging logging and road construction. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court closed the book on the state of Alaska’s efforts to overturn these vital protections by leaving in place the protection ruling handed down last summer. The Boat Company thanks all of you who…


More Than Conservation: Preserving Natural Resources is Critical to Alaska’s Economy

Enjoying the Tongass National Forest

by Hunter McIntosh President, The Boat Company The House of Representatives is considering a bill that would significantly increase timber production in the Tongass National Forest under the false assumption that it’s vital for Alaska’s economy. H.R. 3650 goes against the National Forest Management Act (NFMA) that was enacted by Congress in response to public and scientific concern over the massive…


A Call to Action from The Boat Company

Tongass National Forest, Alaska

by Hunter McIntosh President, The Boat Company Dear Friends of The Boat Company, As our guest aboard the Liseron or Mist Cove, you’ll recall spending time in some of the most remote wilderness areas of the Tongass National Forest: deep bays and inlets nestled among towering peaks, surrounded by dense forests, and headed by lush estuaries fed by salmon-rich streams. To…


The Morning Greet at the Alaska Raptor Center

An owl at the Alaska Raptor Center

by Peter Colson Executive Director, Alaska Raptor Center I call it the morning greet. I walk up to the front doors of the Alaska Raptor Center past eagle row and the weathering yard. Each habitat occupied by one or more raptors with names as colorful as their personalities: snowy owl, red-tailed hawk, great grey owl. The names given to them…


Low-fat Salmon Bisque

Salmon bisque from the Mist Cove kitchen

from the Mist Cove Kitchen So many of you raved about our Halibut recipe from the Liseron kitchen last month that we had to think long and hard about finding something equally delicious for February. Okay, we didn’t have to think that hard. After all, how can our chefs go wrong with the bounty of amazing seafood in Southeast Alaska?…